TYREMOTION API: definition and integration

TYREMOTION API is a tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and computer vision. It allows you to extract precise information on tire dimensions and car models from wheel images. By submitting an image, the API can accurately identify the corresponding car models and tire dimensions.

It’s an effective solution for companies and developers looking to integrate advanced tire management and car model identification functions into their applications.

Some examples of API integration :

  • By integrating TYREMOTION API into your online tire sales site, you offer end consumers a new way of selecting the tire size they’re looking for. With a photo of their wheel, consumers identify the right tire size and are redirected to your online sales site. Is it as simple as that?
  • In the acceptance process of your digital vehicle workshop. Simplify your staff’s work by integrating TYREMOTION API into your workshop reception procedure when a vehicle enters a maintenance center. From a tablet, a photo of the wheel can be taken to validate the dimension and integrate this data into the vehicle diagnostics.

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