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Welcome to the future of tyre management. TYREMOTION, a unique technology providing essential information: vehicle make and model, tire size and pressure.

Unique and Universal

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Tyremotion Technology

BMW X5 G05

Original tyre sizes
Front: 275/40 R 21 107Y
Rear: 315/35 R 21 111Y

Currently equipped tyre size
315/35 R 21 111Y

Options and specifications

Recommended tyre pressure
Front: 2.2 bar
Rear: 2.4 bar

Tyre brand

What TYREMOTION Technology can do for you



Now you can guide your customers through a simple, intuitive user experience. With TYREMOTION, a single photo is all you need to know the size of your tyres.


Eliminate uncertainty. By integrating our tool, automate your processes and eliminate errors!


Give yourself and your customers greater confidence in choosing the product best suited to their needs.


Offer your teams optimal time savings.

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Get your tyre size in seconds

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Changing tyres should no longer be a problem.

We offer consumers and automotive professionals easy-to-use tools that provide accurate information, optimize decision-making and simplify tyre management.

For whom?

Any professional BtoC or BtoB player in the automotive after-sales sector.

If knowing the tyre size is essential to your business, our solution is there for you: redefine user flows on your website, improve interactions with your customers, automate vehicle inspection processes and speed up quote generation, thanks to our TYREMOTION technology.


2 recognition methods :

Based on visual elements of the vehicle: vehicle make and model, OE tyre dimensions, tyre pressure.

Reading information on the tyre sidewall: mounted tyre dimensions, tyre brand, DOT, 3PMSF pictogram.