APIMOVE and TYREMOTION improves and redefines the automotive customer-user experience.

Since January 2021, we have been developing our first technology: TYREMOTION.

Today, our technology is ready and we can proudly announce its launch.

These three years of research and development in partnership with the LIRIS research laboratory at INSA LYON have enabled us to design an innovative technology. This will transform the way you interact with your tires, your vehicle and the automotive industry in general.

TYREMOTION technology targets all BtoC and BtoB sales channels for tires, wheels and accessories. It offers a new digital alternative to your customers’ tire purchasing journey: fluid, fast and without typing!

Based on computer vision and artificial intelligence, TYREMOTION simplifies tire purchasing. A single photo is all it takes to recognize the tire’s original size and the make and model of vehicle on which it is fitted.

In parallel with the development of the recognition algorithm, these three years have seen the accumulation and annotation of over a million vehicle photos across Europe.

The applications and use cases are numerous, so stay tuned for further developments in APIMOVE and the launch of TYREMOTION!